Review of Last Meeting: (Belinda)

1. What do you want the district to know from this committee?

Overall concern was consistency throughout the district, between buildings, and between teachers when it comes to technology use and integration.

Other concerns included:
*teachers and students needed to be fluent with technology
*technology should be an invisible standard
*good staff development is a key
*staff needs to be comfortable with technology

2. Video: Vision of Students Today

Video reminds us how students today are different than students in the past, therefore, we can't teach the way we have been. Discussion followed on how this review is different in that in encompasses all areas. It is curriculum within curriculum. It embraces all five district directions.

  • time line activity = things are changing fast!

3. We discussed how this curriculum will be created while considering the policy of the district and technology. We are still in that process.

4. We took a look at Web 2.0 tools and shared thoughts on them. (second life, pandora, newsmap, dabbleboard, 280slides)

5. We discussed our limitations such as bandwidth, accessibility, etc.

6. We left asking you to discuss on the wiki what your thoughts are on the classroom of the future.

Today's Agenda (Dave)

1. Review District Directions

2. Discuss Conference Opportunities

3. Classroom of the future- New tools

4. What are 21st Century Skills?

5. Links to Model Schools/Districts

6. Looking at ISTE/MEMO Standards

7. Meshing Standards, 21st Century Skills, and District Directions

What are the five district directions? (Belinda)

  • Provide a more personalized education for each student

  • Eliminate the predictability of student achievement based on race

  • Provide opportunities for students to engage in global connections

  • Prepare students in skills that they will need to function effectively in the future including creative thinking, diplomacy, problem solving and teamwork

  • Enhance the sense of ownership and engagement in the district by all segments of the community

Conferences (Belinda)

Ties Conference

*If you would like to attend the TIES conference on Dec. 8 and 9, please register at the link provided and submit your receipt to Bobbi Stinger for reimbursement.

Please post your notes from any of the sessions you attended at TIES here. Let the committee know what you saw and heard!!
Congrats to Adrienne for winning an HP Netbook! I'm sooo jealous!!

K12 Online Conference

*This conference is available online, all the time!

Classroom of the Future (Dave)

class wiki: discussion tab

Microsoft Surface

Classroom of the Future

Read the words



Poll Everywhere

Smart Table

1. How do tools like these impact your classroom?

2. What are the benefits? What are the challenges?

3. What resources do you need to be able to use these tools in your classroom?

4. What you do need to do differently to start using these tools in your classroom?


What are 21st Century Skills? (Belinda)

Placemat Activity

1. What makes a well-rounded teacher?
2. What are some strategies that 21st century teachers use?
3. What are some things we know about our students today?
4. What are the challenges for implementing technology standards?

Brave New World Video

Add to the placemat activity.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

1. Digital Age Literacy

A. Basic, Scientific, and Technological Literacies

B. Visual and Information Literacy

C. Cultural Literacy and Global Awareness

2. Inventive Thinking

A. Adaptability/Managing Complexity and Self Direction

B. Curiosity, Creativity, and Risk-Taking

C. Higher Order Thinking and Sound Reasoning

3. Interactive Communication

A. Teaming and Collaboration

B. Personal and Social Responsibility

C. Interactive Communication

4. State of the Art Results

A. Prioritizing, Planning, and Managing for Results

B. Effective Use of Real World Tools

C. High Quality Results with Real World Application

  • from PDFtwentyfirst%20century%20skills.pdf

Pink, Florida, and Wesch - How do they fit into this discussion?

Add to the Placemat Activity
Group sharing: What are the themes?
Themes: Support for all, Acceptance of Change, Improvement, Student Centered, Seamless technology, tolerance, Flexibility and multitasking
Giving up Control, messiness, collaboration, communication, creativity, students changing, global learners, plan, organize, and set goals, innovation
excellence vs. failure, reflection, open-minded, attitude, technical skills, courage, challenges, staying current, individualization, exploration, diversity, lifelong
learning, varied assessments, technology, multiple tools, global perspective, time

Model Schools/Districts (Dave)

Science Leadership Academy - Philadelphia

Arapahoe High School - Littleton, CO

Cincinnati Country Day School

High Tech High

Explorer Elementary School

American School of Bombay, Mumbai

Oak Land Jr. High - Stillwater, MN

List of schools with 1:1 Initiatives

Illinois Math and Science Academy

Blaine High School

Kent Technology Academy - Kent, WA

ISTE Standards for Teachers (Dave)

Notes: How can you tie this to your curriculum?

#1 Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity
  • use the police department, crimes and math
  • persuasive ads
  • social skills, real world issues, solve authentic problems
  • podcasting and digital storytelling
  • students reflect on each other's work
  • blogging and wikis
  • interview a "famous" scientist
  • this day in history assignment
  • creating media

#2 Design and Develop digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments
  • country in a box
  • assessment

#3 Model Digital-Age Work and Learning
  • watching a teacher interact with technology
  • how we communicate with colleagues, students and parents
  • students web page, blogging, moodle
  • having conversations about technology

#4 Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility
  • Copyright issues
  • Using Garageband instead of "real" music
  • Cyberbulling: be online with students
  • chat rooms

#5 Engaging in Professional Growth and Leadership
  • webinars and on line classes
  • a wiki consolidates information
  • RSS feeds and aggregators

ISTE Standards for Students (Dave)

*Activity - Each group will study one Standard and make a list of ways they might infuse this into what they are currently teaching. Type your ideas above in the Discussion Forum.

Meshing the 4 Areas (Belinda)



Go to the Discussion Tab and click on the Oct. 28th Reflection Post. Read the questions and reply to the post.

Explore the above links, especially the model schools/districts. Post any comments on the Discussion forum.